Best Ways to Cover an Indian Wedding


With lights, songs, dance, and loads of rituals, Indian weddings are a definition of vibrant celebrations. For the bride and groom, their families, the venue’s decoration, there are a whole lot of things that a wedding photographer needs to cover. However, although the concept of covering Indian weddings sound fun, they are equally challenging but rewarding. Indian Wedding photography in Leceister requires the photographer to take care of several aspects to make their endeavor a success.


So in this blog post, we will take you through some of the best ways to cover wedding photography in Leceister:

1.Understand the Culture :

Before you start covering an Indian wedding, it is paramount that you understand the culture and traditions. These aspects mean immensely to families. Let’s not forget that Indian weddings are steeped in tradition and ceremonies. These are intricate parts of the culture that stretch during the 3 to 4 days of the big fat Indian weddings. Hence, research and understand the significance of each ritual so that you can induce its essence when you finally cover such an event. To see our wedding portfolio click here

2. Keep everything planned :

Indian weddings are all about the intricate rituals and the emotions present behind them. Hence, always remember to focus on the details of these weddings. You are bound to find a story wherever you pan the camera. From the cinematography to videography, and photography, each lens will have something to tell about the wedding. From small details like colorful flowers, extravagant lehengas, and dresses to intricate henna designs, capturing every detail will add depth to your wedding photography in Leceister.

3. Be careful with the choice of lighting :

The wedding timings of Indian celebrations depend from culture to culture. Some weddings take place early in the morning, some happen at night. Therefore, clarify with your clients about the timing of the wedding rituals. According to it, plan out the lights that you want to carry for the events. Whether it is a day or a night wedding, carefully set your LED lights for the best output in your wedding filming. Client's can easily contact us through filling out a quick quote form.

4. Be Respectful :

-This applies not just to Indian weddings but to other nations as well. Being a wedding photographer in Leceister, you must be respectful of the customs that your clients follow. As a photographer, you should be friendly and understanding towards certain customs that require less encroachment of you. Instead, try to take the best shots in challenging circumstances. It will bring out the best of your photography abilities.


5. Be ready for the chaos :

With several rituals and celebrations, Indian weddings are meant to be a mess. But that’s the beauty of these weddings. They bring out the best of celebratory feelings as fun and laughter are highly involved in it. However, being a professional wedding videographer in Leicester, we have to be careful about our work. Hence, be prepared for the worst mess in the weddings. Carry types of equipment that might come in handy when needed. Also, be prepared to use a high ISO and fast shutter speed to capture the actions. To see our wedding videography work, trailers click here

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  • Conclusion :


Love, tradition, and culture, Indian weddings are a huge celebration. It might get intimidating in the start, but as you cover more of them, you will know how to fit in the situations. Nevertheless, do not forget to have fun while covering them. On the professional front, just be prepared with the wedding schedule and pack your gear accordingly